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By Robert Farago


The Internet’s alight with the story of a California man found Beethovening (a.k.a., decomposing) in a car outside his Pacific Palisades home. “The man had more than 1,200 firearms and two tons of ammunition stashed in his home and garage,” reports. “Many of the guns had never been fired and some still had their price tags attached.” Needless to say, the media trotted-out the A-word: LA police discover arsenal of 1,200 guns in dead man’s home. Nope. It was a collection.”Police have found no evidence the man, who has not been identified, was involved in criminal activity.” But that hasn’t stopped both the cops and the press from getting their collective proverbial knickers in a twist . . .

Detectives want to find out why he had so many guns and are examining the weapons to determine if they have been linked to any crime.

Cdr Smith continued: ‘We have a lot of work to do. Running the background, history and legality of these weapons is going to require a tremendous amount of time.

‘It’s not a crime to have a large number of weapons so long as …read more

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