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By Don McDougall

Antonio Sabato right


Antonio Sabato right

Califonia – -( As they say all politics is local. A local Califonia chamber of commerce was setting up a “meet the candidates” event, there was only one problem they were not inviting any of the conservative GOP candidates to the presentation. Antonio Sabato running for CA26 and Rhonda Kennedy for State Assembly 44 were somehow excluded from the agenda.

So, when I pointed this out, gave out the name a phone number of the coordinator of the event and ran a small email campaign calling them out all hell broke loose. Yes, in the email campaign I used the very words you see above.

Initially, the left assumed I was a bot. A Russian computer avatar designed for no other reason than to frighten children and destroy democracy in America.

Then I was a shill for the GOP, part of a vast rightwing conspiracy to stalk and intimidate anyone who will not back and support Trump and his racist and homophobic, anti-freedom agenda. Somewhere in the conversation the existence of right-wing death squads even came up.

For the record, I laughingly deny any and all knowledge of right-wing death squads. It seems to me all …Read the Rest

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