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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

California Flag Guns Gun Control
California Flag Guns Gun Control

U.S.A.-( Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) attorney and Director of Legal Policy, Matthew Larosiere, served California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the Department of Justice, and DOJ Bureau of Firearms Chief, Brent Orick, with a pre-litigation demand letter over an unlawful regulation delaying gun and ammunition transfers. The pre-litigation demand can be accessed from FPC’s website,

The demand was joined by Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF), California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL), and Firearms Policy Foundation.

“While your Notice—a patent expression and confession of an unlawful underground regulation and enforcement practice —gets points for creative writing, it fails as a matter of law,” the ‘cease and desist’ letter says. “If you cannot manage to run the firearm and ammunition systems the State demands it to in accordance with constitutional principles, then the State should stop requiring those programs and adding new ones.”

“The people of California are already forced to navigate a horrifying mire of gun control law as it is. That DOJ wants to decree new underground regulations to add on to all the expensive and burdensome requirements evidences a substantial disregard for and disrespect towards the …Read the Rest

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