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By Frank Melloni

Frank Melloni


Every so often, a piece of gear hits the industry that turns heads and changes the way we do things.

Getting stuck on something because “that’s the way it’s always been” is also referred to as “stuck on stupid”. Change is good because it brings growth.

Let’s take a look at Caldwell’s new magazine chargers and see what they bring to the table.

All inventions come from necessity and problems spark research and discovery.

Our evaluation process begins at a very popular class that Renaissance Firearms Instruction presents, the Two Hour Historic Military Firearms Shoot. In these sessions, 25 students are brought through military history by seeing the changes in warfare and the rifles these changes gave birth to. Ending the experience, shooters will fire 5 rounds through an AK and an AR after firing the major firearms that have lead to their creation.

So if you’ve followed along, that’s 25 students who will need to fire each of those two rifles in just two hours.

Our problem was simple: Time. Hand loading each magazine was out of the question, as we simply would not be able to keep up. Buying 25 magazines (or more realistically 75 mags, …read more

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