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By Josh Wayner


For years now I’ve been a long distance shooter. For much of that time I’ve been missing targets at long distances. There isn’t any shame in missing. Most of you have missed more shots than you’ve made, except that one time you lucked out and actually hit that pop can that somebody else left on the target rail on the 300 yard line of your local range. That time, you had everything just right. So, as the title says, how does one go about figuring things out with only five shots? I’ll tell you one thing . . .

You won’t need a chronograph or a dope card. Let’s face it: you’ll never be so operator that your drop chart matches the one in Guerrilla Sniper. So what do us normal guys who don’t try out fifty handloads in one sitting do? Can we really live without pissing off everyone else at the range while we set up a chronograph and force them all to hold fire so we can stand in front of the line? Yes. Yes you can. And you can do it in only a few shots.

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