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By Tom Knighton

Some people think that no one should carry a gun while they work. Yes, that includes police. Those are the minority, to be sure, but a far larger number think workers of any other stripe should be disarmed. “Who needs a gun while they’re working?” they ask.

Well, there are these guys for one.

Two Houston-area cable repairmen survived a gunfight with armed robbers this week, local media reports.

Thanks to the quick-thinking and fast reflexes of one of the technicians, both men were able to walk away unscathed. The same could not be said for one of the assailants.

The incident happened on Tuesday in north Houston while the men were making repairs on a cable box around midnight, according to WTVM.

The armed perps suddenly approached the workers.

“It was just real quick. We were expecting the worst,” one of the technicians, who wished to remain anonymous, told the station.

The robbers fired off the first shots but missed. It may have been a warning of sorts. A Do-what-we-say-or-else type of deal. It’s not clear from the reporting.

“As he shot off, I was already out of the way, because I was expecting to get shot …Read the Rest

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