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By Robert Farago

“A man wanted in a home invasion robbery near Los Angeles was shot to death Friday by a sharpshooter hovering above in a police helicopter,” reports. The robbery suspect had led police on a high-speed chase on I-295 before smashing head-on into an unsuspecting motorist’s vehicle and taking off on foot. The unnamed California cop shot and killed the perp. The homicide echoes a controversial incident in Texas . . .

In October 2012, a state police officer with The Texas Department of Public Safety shot at an unarmed vehicle on the outskirts of the border town of La Joya, killing illegal immigrant Marcos Antonio Castro Estrada. Texas changed its airborne engagement policy after the incident. California did not. While I understand that police are legally empowered to shoot a fleeing suspect if they believe he’s a danger to society, this ain’t right. Is it?

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