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By Tom Knighton

Yesterday, while looking at gun stories from across the nation, I came across this one. It was supposed to be a snapshot of gun owners throughout South Florida, an attempt to put a human face on the people who own firearms, an effort to show gun owners as everyday people.

However, there was one gun owner who, as being pro-gun control, really got under my skin.

Estero resident Bruce Castka, a 71-year-old retired junior high principal, spent 30 years in the U.S. Army reserves and retired as a colonel. He owns several rifles for hunting and target shooting and favors more gun control.

“I have always felt that anyone with a testosterone urge to own an AR should join the military. … Handguns should not be carried by civilians. They are not a legitimate means of self-defense, which would require years of training to be effective,” wrote Castka.

It is an embarrassment to me that most of the civilized world has reasonable gun control laws but we must remain a nation of cowboys governed by the tyranny of the NRA. It is time for our country to grow up and act like responsible adults and gun owners.”

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