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By Charles Daniel

Buy a Shot Timer

Recently I mentioned a concealed carry holder might try competition because the stress of a timer is real. Along those same lines, you can induce stress in your own training if you are willing to forego some Pumpkin Spice Latte’s this fall and instead buy a decent shot timer.

You might be thinking, “I’ll just download an app” and for dry fire that is a serviceable solution. But for live fire, you really need a real deal, dedicated shot timer. Your phone’s speaker is not really suitable and it can result in, well, spotty results. Even for use in dry fire, I now recommend purchasing a real shot timer over an iPhone app.

Why for dry fire? To be honest, I did not understand the difference, between real vs an iPhone app. I used what I felt was a decent iPhone app for dry fire and went about my practice willfully ignorant. Then I sold some crap and bought a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II.

The first time I used the Pocket Pro II, was a wow moment!

In addition to being easier to use and quicker to reset, it was glaringly obvious the iPhone app I was using had a long drawn out …Read the Rest

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