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By John Falkenberg

ANCHORAGE, AK — The state of Alaska has decided against prosecuting a local business owner who shot a customer after an altercation in his place of work.

Daniel Clift, owner of Determine Design, says that he was defending himself when he shot Shelton Landon in the torso on November 15.

Their two stories differ wildly. Take a look at what Clift said, versus what Landon contended happened, according to the Anchorage Daily News:

Clift said in an interview Thursday that Landon was disgruntled and violent when he came into business the afternoon of Nov. 15.

He said Landon had asked the company for a change order on architecture plans for a marijuana business he is starting in Spenard. The architecture company billed him $600 for the work and he didn’t want to pay, according to Clift.

“He was disgruntled and basically said, ‘Why should I pay you?’ and grabbed me and pushed me back across the office,” Clift said. “He started whacking my shoulder and saying, ‘Now you’re pushing me. Now you’re pushing me.’ ”

Clift said he repeatedly asked Landon to leave. Clift said he grabbed the handgun he kept in the office, and said he hoped to try to keep …Read the Rest

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