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By L.P. Brezny

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Loyal reports on his extensive testing of the Burris SCR Veracity 5X25X50mm rifle scope.

Burris SCR Veracity 5X25X50mm Long Range Scope mounted on a new Ruger Precision chassis rifle in 338 Lapua Magnum. ( First look ) This rifle can be tough on optics due to excessive recoil and stress.

USA – -(Burris Optics has approached the subject of long-range rifle scopes a bit differently than others. First up is the design of a proprietary reticle. According to the manufacturer the rectile layout removes some of the work of adjusting for elevation and windage during match shooting, or other related long-range shooting activities. When testing this new optical system of the Burris SCR Veracity Riflescope, I started with a Mossberg Scout Rifle in 308 Winchester and applied the scope and rifle to three different rifle reviews.

Throughout several months the scope was re-zeroed to match my reference loads at least 15 times, and remounted twice when rings and bases were swapped out for additional testing. The point here is merely this. At no time did the scope fail to function, zero, or send bullets with accuracy down range.

Massive Test Gun.

With some field work as applied to the 308 Win …Read the Rest

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