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By Justin Stakes

Burris Optics
Burris Optics
Burris Optics
Burris Optics

Greeley, CO -( For 2016, Burris Optics has developed the new Modular Adjustment Dial (M.A.D.) System, allowing shooting enthusiasts to choose from competition-style exposed knobs or capped knobs on both windage and elevation adjustments in any combination they desire.

The complete windage and elevation turret adjustment system on select XTR II and Veracity models has been re-engineered to accept the M.A.D. System knobs.

This new design also allows for custom knobs to be added to the riflescope to perfectly match the trajectory of any ammunition. Zero Click Stop functionality is standard in the M.A.D. System, letting you quickly and easily revert back to the original zero setting without counting clicks.

The following knob styles are available in the M.A.D. System:

  • Mil or MOA Marked Capped Knobs (low and tall options available)
  • Mil or MOA Marked Exposed Knobs (low, single-turn and tall, multi-turn available)
  • Custom-Lasered Capped Knobs
  • Custom-Lasered Exposed Knobs
  • Models accepting the M.A.D. System ship standard with:
  • Elevation Mil or MOA Capped Knob
  • Elevation Mil or MOA Exposed Knob
  • Windage Covered Knob

The knobs can be easily changed with a provided hex key that will be included in the package. Consumers will be able to request an exposed windage knob at no cost, and …Read the Rest

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