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By Gregory Smith

Democracy is two wolves voting to eat a sheep, so it remains to be seen what happens with this voter-approved petitions. It is shocking this is happening in Vermont, the State is very pro-gun, has Constitutional Carry, but it’s obvious that Burlington (the capital) is a city full of gun-hating liberals.

State lawmakers are starting to weigh three proposed gun-related Burlington laws, more than one year after city voters requested the measures.

The Burlington proposals, approved locally in March 2014, require approval from the Legislature because they would amend the city charter.

Lawmakers deferred any debate on the ideas last year, and this year Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger said he would wait until lawmakers finished working on a separate gun-related state law.

The House Committee on Government Operations has scheduled a one-hour introduction to the charter change proposals at 8:30 a.m. Thursday with legal staff.

The proposed laws would apply within city limits and include the following:

Require guns to be stored with trigger locks or in locked containers — approved by 61 percent of Burlington voters.

Prohibit firearms on the premises of bars and any other establishment with a liquor license — approved by 68 percent of Burlington voters.

Allow police to seize weapons …read more

Via:: Selling the Second Amendment

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