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By CN Staff

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

If you’ve spent much time at all trolling the intertubes, you’ve probably run across the “Florida Man” meme. That’s because there’s no end of, well, unusual stories that typically involves criminal activity by male perpetrators in the Sunshine State.

Take, for instance, the Florida Man who stole what he thought were opioids but turned out to be laxatives. Or the Florida Man who turned up naked in the Daytona airport claiming that he had explosives. Then there was the South Beach artist with no arms who stabbed tourists with a pair of scissors.

You get the idea.

Today’s Florida Man story comes from Pine Lakes north of Orlando. This Florida Man caught a bullet.

A homeowner in the Pines Lakes area of east Lake County shot and killed a man who detectives believe was in the middle of an ambitious burglary spree in the neighborhood. …

The homeowner told deputies he had been staying across the street at his father’s house while his own home was being renovated. The man called …Read the Rest

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