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By Brandon Curtis

MEADE COUNTY, KENTUCKY — A quiet community was awoken by a violent home invasion, but the burglar armed with a machete picked the wrong home to break into.

“It just happened, and I reacted. I knew I was going to protect my family as much as I could, and (I) had the means to do it,” Ron Sheffield said.

The incident was captured on the couple’s surveillance cameras, and it shows the suspect going through their belongings. Their dog, who was barking at the suspect, was shot but continued to bark. Later on in the video, the suspect shot the dog again who then could be seen lying motionless but still alive.

For animal lovers everywhere, the dog is expected to be ok.

Sheffield and his wife were out to dinner, and came back to their home to find the door open.

“When I pulled in the driveway and saw the side door open and the storm door closed,” Sheffield said, “that shouldn’t (have) been that way.”

Being alert and having this information, Sheffield made the decision to draw his pistol and enter the home. Once he did, he immediately encountered Mark Jones, 29, who was armed with a machete.

Sheffield immediately gave …Read the Rest

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