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By gunwriter I’ve been fascinated with the terminal performance of bullets ever since I shot my first whitetail deer. I realized early on that you cannot reach definitive conclusions about bullet performance by looking at the exit wounds or the recovered bullets. To know what really happens you have to shoot lots of stuff with lots of bullets and look inside the animals you have shot. This, supported by clinical like testing in various medias, can give you an educated idea what a bullet is capable of. Fortunately, all of our modern big game bullets are very good bullets. They key, like with any tool, is to use them properly. You can push some bullets too fast, others can impact too slow. They will all work as long as the guy using the rifle does not ask them to do things they were not intended to do. NRA’s American Hunter magazine – website – is running a series of bullet biographies I have put together. There you can find my thoughts on a variety of popular big game bullets. I’ve used all of them to take big game animals and I’ve tested them all in messy gooey stuff. Just follow the links …read more

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