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By Jacki Billings

Though I am admittedly a pistol girl through and through, I have dabbled in AR-15s like most gun owners. Like adult Legos, these guns piece together quickly and easily. When the opportunity to try my hand at building my own AK-47 arose, thanks to Lee Armory, I jumped on the chance to add to my repertoire of guns. What I didn’t realize, though, was exactly how different the AK building process would prove to be.
Lee Armory, located in Phoenix, Arizona, are AK specialists — building home-grown AKs for Kalashnikov fans. The company also happens to offer an AK Building Course for AK enthusiasts who want to take their fandom and love to the next level by piecing together their very own rifle. Helmed by Josh Leighton of Lee Armory, the class is an intense look into how the storied Soviet rifles are made. With an invitation and some trepidation, I jumped in on a Lee Armory build class to see how an AK compares to building an AR.
Lee Armory had all the pieces of what soon would be an AK laid out waiting to meet the tools that would smash rivets and pound pieces into place. Under Leighton’s guidance, I


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