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By Kristin Alberts

Want to make a statement on the range? Bring a Buntline. From a company whose name is synonymous with affordable single-action revolvers, comes the 16-inch barreled Rough Rider — born of the legendary 19th century Colt Buntline six-shooter.
Meet the Non-Buntline, Buntline
Heritage Manufacturing puts out the most affordable, American made rimfire revolvers in modernity. The bread and butter wheelguns are both the six-shot and nine-shot Rough Riders, both single actions and with multiple grip frames, grip options, sights, finishes, and more. Those revolvers, however, are most often found with the two most common barrel lengths– 4.75-inch and 6.5-inch.
Heritage does not call its 16-inch barreled Rough Rider revolver a Buntline, though, by Wild West standards of a long-barreled wheelgun it fits the bill. There are two versions of the lengthy Rough Rider, one with fixed sights and other adjustable. Our fixed sight model is as plain as they come with a nondescript heavy black finish and fixed front sight with a simple notch at the rear. Had it been available at the time, we would have opted for the adjustable sight version, which has a nice fiber-optic red front along with a green, two-dot rear.
The rest of the build remains the same


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