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By David LaPell

Buck 55 Folding Hunter Knife

David lets us in on the secret of the little-known baby brother of the classic Buck 110, the Buck 55 Folding Hunter Knife.

Buck 55 Folding Hunter Knife

USA – -( A while back I did a review of the Buck 110 knife model, which for a long time has been my everyday knife, and it does all the chores I can ask of it and has held up without fail.

But there are times when carrying a knife of its size isn’t always convenient, especially during the warmer summer months, but I would be darned if I would be without a blade of some kind. So I decided to go with the 110’s little brother, the Buck 55 Folding Hunter Knife for a while to see how it lives up to the name.

Buck 55 Folding Hunter Knife

If you look at the Buck 55, it looks exactly like the 110, only shrunk. To put it plainly, it seems someone made the bigger knife Hobbit size. The blade on the 55 is 2 3/8,” and the knife is only 3 3/8” long closed. Compare this with the 110 having a blade that is 3 3/4” long and is …Read the Rest

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