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By Chris Eger

B&T’s new APC308 DMR, complete with folding stock, was on display along with their Rotex-IIA suppressor (Photo: Chris Eger/
Moving to offer a DMR option in their APC rifle series, Florida-based B&T USA had their new APC308 variant on display at SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week.
A step up from their APC223 models, the new .308 Win caliber rifles feature the same locked, rotating bolt and short-stroke gas piston operating system as their little brothers. With barrel options in 14.3- and 18-inches, the APC308 carbine is also available with either a folding or fixed length-adjustable stock. Weight varies across the variants between 8.59- and 10.58-pounds, including standard folding iron sights and a 20-round magazine.
Length, with the fixed, adjustable stock extended fully ranges from 34.40 to 40.40-inches. Use of the folding stock drops this down to as short as 24-inches with the shortest barrel offering. (Photo: B&T USA)
Note the difference in ambidextrous surface controls between the APC556/223 model, left, and APC308, right (Photo: Chris Eger/
Additional features include full-length accessory rails and an optional folding charging handle. The barrels interface via QD mount with the B&T Rotex-IIA suppressor series. The rifles ship with a pair of 20-round SR-25 pattern mags, a vertical


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