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By Ammoland

AR15 Rifles

By Jim Scoutten
Web Video Is Putting Firearms and the Shooting Sports at Risk.

AR15 Rifles
Jim Scoutten
Jim Scoutten

USA –-( I don’t know how much audience Bryant Gumble has for his Real Sports reports on HBO. ( )

Apparently not a lot of shooting enthusiasts, since none have commented to me on his recent attack on AR Rifles and the Shooting Sports.

But I have now seen the special and was not at all surprised both John Scoutten and I were included in Gumble’s attack on the AR in civilian hands, with the head-shaking final comments that he cannot believe shooting an AR is considered a sport.

Neither was I surprised that a collection of the “B-Roll” was from Three Gun Nation events.

Every scrap of video taken for that Gumble report was absolutely legally used, even though the video is copyrighted by the producers. The reason: The Doctrine of Fair Use established for journalism by the US Supreme Court.

The video John and I appeared in was a segment from a recent Shooting USA show, reviewing the updated S&W M&P-15 Sport.

Smith & Wesson asked for a copy to stream …Read the Rest

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