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By Graham Baates

Brownell’s BRN-10A photo by Graham Baates

USA – -( This exact BRN-10 rifle is part of a special AmmoLand and Brownell’s Giveaway for April 2020. Watch your AmmoLand emails for details.

Years ago before writing, before YouTubing, and before working in the firearms industry I had a very unique opportunity to explore the vault of a company that provided very special services to government agencies. Their “reference room” had one of every major military firearm anyone could think of from the 20th century. The business had every tier of Federal Firearm License and the goods to validate that statement. I freely admit to not knowing what at least half of the guns were, but the gun nerd in me appreciated seeing designs from around the world all in one place. One of the pieces that really caught my eye was an odd-looking AR-10 with the charging handle inside the carrying handle. I learned it was one of very few original ArmaLite AR-10s. That feature stuck with me but I’d never see another like it in person until Brownell’s made a faithful reproduction available to the public in the form of the …Read the Rest

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