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By Nick Leghorn


Back in the day, H&K’s roller lock based MP5 was the end-all be-all of coolness. The soft-recoiling yet hard-hitting 9mm submachine gun was universally beloved by all the guys on the tip of the spear, and the gun’s popularity is reflected in the number of on-screen cameos it enjoyed throughout the last quarter of the 20th century. But despite being the apex predator of its day no one bothered to try and improve the gun. H&K moved on to other designs and the MP5 was left to languish over time. The boys at Brethren Armament think that’s a crying shame, and have dedicated themselves to bringing the MP5 out of the stone age . . .

Brethren’s now making MP5s from scratch. And when I say scratch, I mean scratch. They do their own manufacturing from the receiver stampings right down to the trigger group. While this might look like an MP5 on the outside, it’s 100% American made.

Because they own the manufacturing process they can do a whole lot more than small external improvements. They’ve recently gone through some ownership changes, and the new boss has dedicated his life to, and I quote, “fixing the MP5.” Starting …Read the Rest

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