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By Nick Leghorn


News is just now breaking that there has been a mass shooting in the city of Paris, France. The latest information reports that two attackers opened fire with “AK-47 automatic weapons” at the Petite Cambodge restaurant in the center of Paris, followed by one or two explosions in another part of the city outside a soccer match that was in progress. There are reports that as many as 60 people may be held hostage at this time.

The attack comes less than a year after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris which killed 12 people, which was shortly followed by attacks on predominantly Jewish businesses. Only a few months another similar attack was narrowly stopped on a high speed train heading towards the French capitol. There are comparisons being drawn between this event and the mass murder in Mumbai.

President Obama stated not too ,long ago that mass shootings don’t happen in other developed countries, but this is the third or fourth time in less than a year that France has experienced a large scale mass shooting with firearms that are banned by French law from possession in the country.

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