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By CN Staff

‘New In Box’ refers to when you purchase a new firearm that comes fresh out of the box from the manufacturer. Some companies rigorously test their firearms in manufacturing sampling to ensure that a batch runs to its specifications. But, just like a new car or any other high-tolerance mechanical device, there can be a ‘breaking in’ period where the owner may run into issues.

One of the scariest things that many gun owners do is simply buy a gun, throw in some high-end ammunition, and start carrying without so much as testing it out at the range.

That won’t necessarily be a recipe for disaster but it can lead to conditions such as a person pulling out his or her pistol and being completely shocked when the second round out of the chamber gets stuck on the feed ramp of the barrel… Or worse… The person didn’t think to disengage the safety of his pistol.

Take any firearm you purchase to the range. You don’t need to crank out hundreds of rounds to figure out if it’s working properly but definitely shoot the rounds you intend to carry.

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