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By Bob Owens

Like all domestic military facilities, the targeted facilities were “gun free zones.”

Four U.S. Marines and a law enforcement officer have been shot in attacks on two military recruiting centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Details are still very preliminary, but this is what we have so far:

NBC’s Pete Williams reports that five people have been shot: one police officer, and four Marines.

The shooting incident began on the U.S. Naval Recruiting on Lee Highway in Chattanooga ended at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center on Amincola Highway Thursday morning about 11am.

A Chattanooga police officer was shot, according to Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. Both Berke and CPD Cheif Fred Fletcher visited the shooting scene and went to the hospital to check on the officer.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner is on standby, but has not been dispatched to either of the scenes.

Blood Assurance has send multiple units of blood to Erlanger; requesting donations to add those who’ve been injured, shot.

The Department of Homeland Security has activated their Chattanooga Strike Team, other district strike teams have been put on standby.

Chattanooga police have stated that the situation is now over, and national news media are claiming that the attacker may be deceased.

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Source:: Bearing Arms

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