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By Tom Knighton

CBS News released the results of a new poll on the topic of guns. There are some interesting tidbits in there for discussion, but there’s also a lot that shouldn’t be overly surprising.

On the anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, divisions over guns in America run deeper than policy differences.

To most gun owners, guns are “part of what makes America great” (53 percent). They also say guns make America “free” (61 percent) “strong” (55 percent) and safe (59 percent).

This is hardly surprising. If anything, I’m more surprised that these numbers are that low. But yes, most gun owners do believe guns are a key part of what makes America what it is.

It’s also hardly surprising to see that the other side holds very different opinions.

For many non-gun owners, guns make America “dangerous” (55 percent) and “scary” (38 percent) and represent “one of the country’s biggest problems.”

Again, not shocking. These are all wrong, of course, but we kind of already knew much of this about non-gun owners. After all, they only know what they’ve been told, and they’ve been told repeatedly that guns make America dangerous. We can’t be overly surprised that they bought …Read the Rest

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