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By Sara Tipton


“Gunpocalypse” — a package of ten new gun control laws — have passed the California Senate. [Click here for a rundown.] They’re now now en route to the Assembly, who will no doubt vote yea as well. If approved, the package will head to the governor for his signature. They includes an ammo registry (license, depending on how it’s worded) and a potential ammo purchase limit, as well as a ban on “bullet button enabled” guns – semi automatic rifles with detachable magazines to normal people. All of which proves that the state of California is home to a special kind of tyranny . . .

While I was told by a friend of mine, Jason, who lives behind enemy lines in the Golden State, “none of these bills will stop crime!” I could only respond with “I know. But that isn’t the point.” He replied “No. It’s not. The point is, people won’t get on the trains or suffer much more oppression while armed.” Bingo. So in comes Gunpocalypse.

Again, this isn’t a joke to those that live with this sort of asinine and ridiculous stuff on a daily basis. The men I knew who were friends …Read the Rest

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