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By David Codrea

Leave it to “#gunsense champion” Anitere Flores to show why gun owners aren’t the only ones who regret giving her their trust and support.

USA – -( “Two Miami lawmakers were forced to admit and apologize for their bipartisan extramarital affair after an anonymous website claimed to have evidence of the swing-state senators getting busy behind closed doors,” Fox News reported Wednesday. “On Tuesday, shortly before the start of the session, veteran lawmakers Sens. Oscar Braynon, a Democrat, and Anitere Flores, a Republican, issued a joint statement saying their ‘longtime friendship evolved to a level that we deeply regret.’”

Right. Except there’s no indication they’d have broken things off and stopped betraying their respective families had they not been caught and “outed” by videos on a website that has since been taken down (but which has not yet been removed from Google cache).

Still, why is it anyone’s business besides their families? This is personal, right? Who knows what motivations drove them to seek fulfillment in each others’ beds? It’s not really fair for outsiders to pass judgment, is it?

On their public conduct it is, and this scandal gives a telling glimpse …Read the Rest

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