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By David Codrea

Brady McDonald's Analogy More Evidence of Desperate Gun-Grabber Lies
Brady McDonald’s Analogy More Evidence of Desperate Gun-Grabber Lies

U.S.A. – -( “Let’s be clear, gun stores are NOT McDonald’s,” the Brady Campaign asserts in a transparently ridiculous attempt to deceive its low information Facebook followers. “You shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15 like you do a burger and fries.”

Let’s be clear: You can’t. Just as first-time gun owners are finding out they can’t just “buy a gun online” and they’re not easier to get than “books” and “vegetables,” all state and federal infringements that the gun-grabbers have insisted on still apply.

The Bradys know that. They’re just counting on those uninformed enough to believe them staying ignorant and falling for increasingly desperate gun-grabber lies. That becomes even more apparent reading the “press release” their Facebook post links to that elaborates on what they’re whining about this time.

“Brady condemns new ATF guidance for gun stores, ‘unsafe and indulgent,’” the headline scolds. “The Administration has used broad interpretations of the federal Gun Control Act to suggest that FFLs conduct business at …Read the Rest

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