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By Nick Leghorn

Liberator pistol (courtesy

There’s a legal brawl between U.S. Government and a group of pro-gun activists called Defense Distributed. A court case has been working its way through the legal system as the company seeks to defend itself on First Amendment grounds. What makes this case so interesting: this is the first time that the typically left leaning Electronic Frontier Foundation has stepped in to support a Second Amendment argument. There’s also another less supportive group joining the fray, but first . . .

With the advent of household 3D printing, there’s a real possibility that the average American can simply download a set of blueprints from the internet and print themselves a firearm in the comfort of their very own home. When Defense Distributed published plans for their 3D printable “Liberator” handgun online, the feds were not amused.

The U.S. Government stepped in to try and stop Defense Distributed using ITAR regulations as their big stick. Uncle Sam claimed that by posting gun plans online, Defense Distributed was in effect exporting regulated arms and information to non-US entities. Defense Distributed took exception to this claim and filed suit against the government to …Read the Rest

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