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By John Crump

Brad Stair of Performance Guns of Utah
Brad Stair of Performance Guns of Utah

U.S.A.-( Charlie Melton set a world record for the longest shot ever taken at 5000 yards (2.84 miles).

He used an AR-30 rifle that was designed and built by Brad Stair. The gun was chambered in .408 Tejas a specialty round that was also designed and constructed by Brad Stair himself. This shot pushed the limits of what was thought possible.

There was a rumor of another shot taken on the same day as the 5000-yard shot. This feat was a 4000-yard shot using a factory .338 Lapua round. The story was that Brad Stair took the shot using a stock Ritter And Stark SX-1 MTR rifle. I had to find out if this was true. I also wanted to learn more about Melton’s world record-setting shot.

I got my wish and was able to sit down and speak with Brad Stair of Performance Guns of Utah about both shots and his background.

John: Give us a little of your background?

Brad Stair: Texas. Born and raised in San Antonio. I got introduced to machining when I was 12 years old. My grandfather got me up in front of some early gunsmiths back when people had time …Read the Rest

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