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By Robert Farago


Trump Is Right: Hillary Clinton Wants To Take Your Guns – “The media refused to believe him. CNN stated Trump’s claims were ‘wild’ and that Clinton ‘has never argued for abolishing the Second Amendment.’ Ben Jacobs at The Guardian wrote that Clinton ‘has never made any statement in support of abolishing the second amendment [sic] or confiscating the personal firearms of citizens.’ Evelyn Rupert at The Hill recalled that Clinton had recently declared ‘we can’t ignore the Second Amendment,’ as if that statement actually, you know, means anything.” The palace guard has been deployed and will do whatever they can to drag Hillary over the goal line in November. Make no mistake, the devil you know really does want to take your guns . . .

Govt was warned on shotgun modifications – Aussies are aghast at the imported Adler A110 lever shotgun that can be modified to fire 11 rounds — eleven rounds! — as opposed to the standard five.

Booze and bullets: Arizona lawmakers push bill to allow officers to carry guns …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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