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By Dan Zimmerman

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‘I’m not just the typical granny:’ 80-year old shoots, kills intruder – “‘I was just intent upon stopping him. I didn’t have any other thought in my head,’ says (Barb) Moles. ‘I just knew I had to stop him.’” And stop him she did. Three of the four rounds she fired at her husband’s attacker with her .38 hit home. Thanks to Mrs. Moles, Steven Sheppard won’t be stabbing any any more 80-year-old men in their own homes. In other news of individuals standing up to evil . . .

Army vet challenges legality of CNMI’s new gun law – Same ex-Army Ranger who took down the Northern Marianas’ gun control law is now going after their $1000 per gun tax. Hooah!

These Social Security benefits could keep some people from buying guns – “The Social Security Administration is proposing a rule that would keep people who receive disability benefits for mental illnesses from purchasing guns.” How great is that?

<img title="courtesy getty images" src="" alt="COLUMBIA, MO – NOVEMBER 10: Academic Hall on the campus of University of Missouri – Columbia is seen on November 10, 2015 in Columbia, Missouri. …Read the Rest

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