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By Dan Zimmerman


Cop Shoots Barely Injured Cat He Says Was a Threat – “‘Officer Pursell made a decision to, in his judgment, humanely end the cat’s life and suffering,’ Morganelli said. ‘Officer Pursell fired a single shot from his department-issued .38 caliber service revolver, instantly killing the cat.’ A subsequent autopsy reportedly find little injury to the cat aside from the fatal gunshot wound. The officer was given a ‘summary citation,’ which described as the equivalent of a parking ticket.” Apparently there aren’t enough dogs to use for target practice any more, so our more trigger happy servers and protectors are including more species on their hit lists . . .

Senate rebuffs guns in buildings bill – “A bid to allow some gun owners to bring their weapons into public buildings has suffered a setback, perhaps a fatal one.” Looks like Arizona legislators aren’t thrilled by the idea of the people they tax and regulate walking around with guns in the hallowed buildings in which they work.

Salinas city leaders disappointed about stolen police guns – “‘We have been careless, there are no …Read the Rest

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