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By Robert Farago

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Already on our Christmas list: The Little Tank Robot That Carries a Glock “(T)he bot’s weapon is a Glock 26 ‘Baby Glock’ pistol, a popular lightweight version of the bestselling handgun. It’s not actually built into the Dogo. Instead it slots into a holder, sort of like loading a CD into a player, and locks securely. To aim it, the operator would use the company’s ‘Point & Shoot’ interface. He or she simply touches the aim point on the screen of the control unit. A laser dot shows the aim point; in the demonstration video a target wearing body armor is shot in the head, and the robot repeatedly hits the bullseye on a paper target. Given that it provides a stable firing platform, this seems plausible.”

Documentaries, town hall expand PBS’s look at guns in America – “PBS continues to defy bullets with words, resuming a conversation that its programmers hope will gradually bring opposing sides of the gun debate closer together.” Uh huh. Your tax dollars at work.

Blocks From the NRA Convention, Louisville Residents Grapple with Bullets and Bloodshed – “When the National Rifle Association’s …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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