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By Dan Zimmerman


As pronounces, “Some people might balk at a president who threatens to rule by decree when Congress insists on exercising its constitutional right to approve and disapprove legislation, but maybe that’s a bit old fashioned in our senescent republic. Still, a potential President Clinton’s gun control agenda is likely to founder no matter how many strokes of the pen flow from her desk because of the opposition of the very people to whom they’re supposed to apply.” Meaning Americans who value their gun rights. Irish democracy? If you thought you’d seen it on display in Connecticut and New York, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet . . .

Hoosiers Are Flocking To Buy Guns In Record Numbers – “It’s not just a red state phenomenon either. Delaware has seen a spike in gun salesand carry permits. Iowa has experienced the same thing, which has some gun stores struggling to keep up with demand. In Michigan and Minnesota, carry permits are also on the rise. In Pennsylvania, their numbers suggest that residents try to buy 97 gunsevery hour.” And there the election is still seven months away.

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