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By Chris Eger

The Boulder City Council heard hours of public comment on both sides of the issue before voting this week unanimously in favor of a sweeping local gun control measure. (Photo: Coloradans for Civil Liberties/Twitter)
A Colorado city is headed to federal court over a ban on the sale and possession of guns deemed to be “assault weapons” as well as bump stocks and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.
The Mountain States Legal Foundation, a nonprofit public interest law firm based in Lakewood, Colorado, filed a legal challenge to Boulder’s new local regulations on firearms. The foundation named virtually the entire city government from the mayor and city manager to the city council and chief of police as defendants, arguing the ordinance violates not only the state and U.S. Constitution but also at least two Colorado statutes.
“This ban is tantamount to Boulder attempting to stop drunk driving by banning Subarus,” said Cody J. Wisniewski, an attorney with the firm. “It accomplishes nothing other than making criminals of law-abiding citizens.”
Boulder’s ban goes after virtually all semi-auto firearms in one form or another. Rifles capable of taking a detachable magazine holding 21 or more rounds, or a shotgun that can accommodate more


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