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By Andrew Shepperson

Boston Police officers George Kayes and William Jones were both awarded with a Commissioner’s Commendation for peacefully disarming an agitated man with two loaded guns. (Photo: BPD)
Two Boston police officers were commended last week for peacefully disarming an agitated man who had brought two loaded guns to a community gathering.
According to a Boston Police Department news release, officers George Kayes and William Jones were each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation for their efforts at a ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters last week.
Both officers were present at a community gathering at a housing development in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood when they got a call about a nearby disturbance. They then approached a visibly agitated man, holding two guns and suffering from a bloody nose.
The officers asked the man to talk them in an effort to calm him down. He told them he had been recently assaulted by two individuals in front of his 2-year-old son and was out to seek revenge.
While trying to sympathize with the man, the officers calmly asked him to put down his weapons, saying that nobody needed to get hurt. The 30-year-old man eventually agreed and gave up his guns, which the officers noted were both fully loaded, and was


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