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By Tom Knighton

You can’t really expect the mainstream media to get the realities of concealed carry, much less national reciprocity. Well, OK. You can. But you’d be wasting your time.

In the case of the Boston Globe, what you see is the mainstream media not just getting it, but portraying a profound ignorance of the subject.

This fall, Mothers for Justice and Equality held their annual conference. It’s a local anti-violence organization led by Boston women — many of whom have lost a child to gun violence. They told us their stories, and what preventable violence stole from them. We discussed strategies for keeping our neighborhoods safe.

We still have a lot of work to do in Boston, but we’ve come a long way. We’re grateful for the common-sense laws that help us do our jobs. We will fight any national policy that threatens to send us backward.

That includes a bill called the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which passed in the House last week. It would force each state to recognize the concealed-carry standards of every other state, even those with dramatically weaker standards for who can get their hands on a gun. Given that the gun lobby has blocked the creation …Read the Rest

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