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By Tom Knighton

We know for a fact that most criminals get their guns through illegal means, namely the black market.

However, where there’s often a great deal of disconnect between people is just how to prevent guns from getting there in the first place. Anti-gunners seem to believe if they control the guns of law-abiding citizens hard enough, they’ll somehow become immune to theft or anything else which might lead to them ending up in the hands of the criminal underworld.

Those of us with fully-functional brains, however, understand that the bad guys are inventive in how they get guns. Take a couple of drug dealers from Boston, for example.

Two men who said they were members of the Latin Kings street gang could face 15 years in federal prison for bringing cocaine to Vermont in exchange for firearms intended for use in a “war” in Boston, if a judge accepts a plea agreement.

If the judge rejects the agreement reached Monday, John Guerrero, 27, and Darwin Medina, 35, both of Boston, could each be sentenced to life in prison on the drug charge and 20 years on the gun charge.

Sentencing is scheduled for February.

Court documents say that between November …Read the Rest

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