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By James England

DENVER, COLORADO — Recently, a Republican-led Senate committee gave the green light for a permitless concealed carry bill to enter into formal discussion on the Senate floor. Despite the bill getting to the floor, many citizens in the state are hesitant to say it will go anywhere much less lead to permitless carry in Colorado.

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“Common sense tells me that just like more cars on the roads means more car accidents, more guns in our communities means more gun accidents,” one concealed carrier said.

“Let’s not give concealed carry permits to people who are unwilling to take a basic gun-safety course,” said another.

On the other side of the fence, gun owners say that they aren’t any bit more dangerous with a coat covering their gun as when their gun is visible to the public. Dan Murphy, representing Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, pointed out that open carry and concealed carry don’t change a thing.

“When I’m lawfully open-carrying my legally owned firearm that I did undergo a background check to purchase, putting my coat on does not suddenly make it any more dangerous and should not be punishable under the law,” he said.

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