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By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

By Dean Weingarten

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Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( Roy Eykamp is 99 years old. He made his first gun when he was seven years old. It was a crude pistol made from a barrel he salvaged from the trash, fired with a hand held hammer, and later, strong rubber bands cut from inner-tubes and a breechblock.

He used it to start his lifelong talent for making money. He shot gophers with it, using .22 shorts.

The government paid a 5 cent bounty for each gopher. He made enough money shooting gophers, that when his mother confiscated his homemade gun, he was able to buy a factory one with the proceeds, a Winchester single shot.

It was likely a model 67, and cost $5. With the Winchester, he was able to shoot jack rabbits, which had a bounty of 9 cents.

A picture of Roy when he was 16 shows him with upgraded armament. He is holding what appears to be a Springfield 86, a good bolt action .22 with tubular magazine. I carried the sister rifle, model 84-C, with the detachable 5 shot magazine, for most of my youth.

Oh What Have I Done

Roy Eykamp

Oh What …Read the Rest

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