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By Nate Parker

Clint Smith’s Urban Rifle: 45 years of Teaching and Training can be bought through the Thunder Ranch website for $24.95. (Photo: Nate Parker)
Thunder Ranch has been in the existence for almost longer than I have been alive. If you don’t know what Thunder Ranch is, it is Clint Smith’s training company based out of Oregon. If you don’t know who Clint Smith is, well, you need to fix that. Anyone with the staying power of Clint in the firearms training industry is probably doing something right. To stick around for so many years teaching defensive firearms in the private sector is no easy task, and probably lends some credence to what Clint is doing.
There have been Thunder Ranch DVDs over various training topics for quite a while, and I will say that Clint’s personality probably comes across better in video than in print, but now there is a Thunder Ranch book, that covers what Clint believes about using the “carbine” for personal protection or duty use. This book has been a long time coming from what I understand, and condenses over 30 years of experience from teaching an Urban Rifle program into 137 pages. It is in essence a compilation


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