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By Eve Flanigan

Though until recently unavailable for purchase, Devil’s Guard by George Elford is now back for less than $8 in paperback or digital download.
I don’t usually read historical war stories, unless I need a sleeping aid.  Devil’s Guard by George Robert Elford did the opposite, keeping me up long past official lights-out to read what would happen next.
The book was recommended to me by a veteran who knows a thing or two about war and foreign security contracting. Since then I’ve come to learn it’s considered required reading for any serious operator. But even for those of us who don’t live and breathe war, it holds many lessons and opportunities for reflection.
Devil’s Guard is named such as it’s a firsthand account of an officer of the SS, Hitler’s elite security squad. As SS ranked above rank and file Nazi soldiers, their duties were, at times, especially high-risk and their actions especially heinous in the eyes of the enemy, or victims as most would say.
The story begins on Armistice Day, when the main character and his anti-guerilla unit are deployed outside of their native Germany. Their enemies remained militant following the war. The reader has a front-row seat to the theater of


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