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By Tom Claycomb

Boker Scout Lightweight Knife

Tom reviews the Boker Scout Lightweight Knife in cocobola.

Boker Scout Lightweight Knife

USA – -( A week ago, I was conducting six seminars at The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo, two of which were Knife related seminars. One of them was titled “Choosing the Proper Knife for the Outdoorsman”. In a nutshell, I first listed out the Top 5 Designs that I thought an outdoorsman should look for when purchasing a knife.

Next, I showed for each design a few options in various price ranges. After the seminar an attendee said you know, in your seminars I think you ought to recommend a low, medium and then an elite priced knife for each design. A kid on a paper route is not going to be able to afford a $500 hunting knife no matter if it is the best designed and highest quality of knife on the market.

That was good feedback, so I’m going to make a more concentrated effort in my knife seminars to recommend a low, medium and higher priced option for each design of knife that I’m recommending to be used.

I think I already do, but I also want to make sure that when I’m doing Product …Read the Rest

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