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By Ben Philippi

Boge Quinn, of GunBlast, which has reviewed thousands of guns since 2000, chooses to carry a Kahr CM9 every single day, he told
Quinn used to carry a Ruger LCP in .380 ACP, but the Kahr CM9 is only slightly bigger, and fires the much more powerful 9mm round. He carries the pistol in a pocket holster made by Simply Rugged. It keeps the gun in the same place in his pocket so when he reaches for it, it properly presented. The pocket holster also breaks up the outline of the gun in the pocket.
Also from Simply Rugged, Quinn has an extra magazine pouch that holds two magazines. One is a flush fit six-round mag. The other is an extended eight-round mag. As Quinn puts it, “Sometimes, one magazine will get you in trouble, but it can’t get you out.” The magazine pouch also helps reduce the printing in the pocket.
“There’s a lot of meanness in the world,” said Quinn. “You need to carry whenever you can.”
Boge Quinn shows his Kahr CM9 and the pocket holster from Simply Rugged.
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