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By Tom Knighton

If this past weekend has taught us anything, it’s to look out for viral videos. Several incidents showed selective views of what transpired, painting a group as bad actors when the reality is something completely different.

One such example was a video of Tallahassee police supposedly pointing a gun at a toddler who was approaching with her hands up.

The video, taken from a distance away, is narrated by two women who were watching the incident take place. Their commentary of what they were seeing outraged many as the two women apparently believed the police were pointing guns at a toddler.

However, Tallahassee officials have released body camera footage that shows a very different side of the story. The video starts with the original but then switches to body cam footage.

Update on traffic stop video with small child in car

#UPDATE TPD is providing an update to the press release regarding a small child being involved in a traffic stop. Body camera footage and a statement from Chief Michael DeLeo can be viewed. The original video by the citizen is first, then the video shows Chief DeLeo speaking about the incident. The body worn camera footage shows …Read the Rest

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