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By Ammoland

Survival Preppers Body Armor
Survival Preppers Body Armor
Safeguard Armour
Safeguard Armor

Colorado – -( Getting the Right Body Armor

One of the most basic parts of gun ownership is buying the correct ammunition – it seems obvious, of course. If you don’t have the right caliber, the gun is not much more than a paperweight.

This is just as true when buying a bullet proof vest. Body armor isn’t ‘one size fits all’, so what type of ammo can a vest stop?

Bullet proof vests work by displacing the energy of a bullet, slowing it down to a complete stop before it can penetrate the strong fibres of the vest. Most vests use Kevlar or Dyneema plates, both of which are much stronger than steel, and when woven together provide a web that slows the bullet and minimizes injury greatly.

These plates are inserted into carriers which form the bullet proof vest. These armors are lightweight and flexible, and are known as soft armor. There is also the option of hard armor, which is made of plates of steel, ceramic or titanium. Bullet proof vests are classified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which is the world …read more

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