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By James England

NEW SCOTLAND, NEW YORK — A couple visiting the beautiful countryside outside Albany got a bigger taste of the wild than they would have liked. A bobcat viciously attacked a woman before her husband and the homeowner could come to her rescue. The husband was attacked as well before the men pinned down the wild animal and put it down with a close range shot.

“The wife was sitting outside on a few rocks playing with the family dog when she heard a hissing noise and turned around and there was a bobcat,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said to WRGB-TV.

State wildlife management showed up on the scene to take the dead cat to the lab for testing. There is some possibility it may have been sick because, as conservationists noted, attacks from bobcats are very rare.

As one wildlife pathologist said to WNYT, these sorts of attacks may be linked with rabies.

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“I can recall several cases where people were working in their garages and they ran into rabid bobcats and they were attacked,” said retired wildlife pathologist Dr. Ward Stone.

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